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Why the name, 'Fermi'?

What does the name Fermi mean?

Enrico Fermi was the father of nuclear energy & an insightful philosopher. He's most remembered for writing 'The Fermi Paradox.' He worried that technological advancements may threaten the human species. 

We believe he was right, he may have been referring to nuclear incidents as the risk but if we take a good luck a the world around us, our modern technological food system is taking a much heavier toll on out lives and health than anything else. 

This technological era of foods engineered to be 'shelf stable,' foods like refined flours and cooking oils that last for many years have ushered in an epidemic of metabolic diseases that we're unknown to humans until recently. 

Fermi was right, technology used in the wrong way takes a heavy toll on our species. I have lived in dozens of countries, I have seen humans who live and eat traditional diets with levels of health most of us can only dream of achieving. 

With Fermi, I want to prove that old wisdom has a place in our modern diets, I have transformed my own health by following these principles and wish the same results for our beloved Fermi customers. 



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