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Our Story

We believe that freshly made pasta means using freshly ground wheat!

In the same way that freshly made coffee means freshly ground beans - Fresh Pasta means freshly ground grains. 
Fermi offers Taiwans foodies' truly "Fresh Pasta." As the term was originally intended.
Over recent decades, industrial food corporations have convinced us all to accept 'Fresh' to mean flour ground and bleached 18 months before consumption.
This rancid, characterless flour that's had all the flavour and nutrients removed, to keep it shelf stable is not the way pasta was supposed to be made. This refined starch is not what our bodies have evolved to digest. The effect of these foods is evident in the declining health all around us.
At Fermi we believe our customers pallets and bodies deserve better.
"Eating the Fermi way has completely transformed my own health, cutting out both processed flour & factory made seed oils such as cooking oils.
Seeking out healthy fats, grass fed meats & natural foods is difficult to do in our modern day, but worth the effort. Fermi has finally given me the health I've always strived for.
Fermi is here to share fine, nutritions Pasta dishes with Taiwans most discerning diners."
James Sharman 


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