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Our Story

Fermi was established summer of 2021 by Chef James Sharman & his partner, Christina Leung.


Fermi is a modern pasta bar opening in Taipei near Zhongxiao Fuxing. Fermi is on a mission to build a healthier relationship between people and grains. We mill our own flour and make the pasta fresh. 

Wheat Flour is a global staple food. Too much of it is over-processed or on shelves for too long, resulting in poor nutrition and leading to health problems like obesity & diabetes. Fermi is here, working directly with farmers to steer grains back to being a healthy food option, starting with beloved pasta!

Every grain of wheat is grown locally just outside of Taichung. We then mill the flour in our restaurant and immediately turn it into pasta dough. This ensures locking in all the flavor and nutrients! 

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